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Sustainable, slow fashion. Why should we love it?

Renewable, slow fashion. Why should we love it? ⁠

I've been doing a lot of reading into different materials and yarns whilst creating my new collection, and I've fallen in love with merino wool. Here's why:⁠

Merino wool is a 100% natural, renewable and sustainable fibre. ⁠

It is excellent at regulating body temperature, keeping you warm in winter, but not overheating you. ⁠

It's not prickly or itchy, unlike some wool products. ⁠

Merino wool has long wear and low care requirements. Unlike synthetic fibres this yarn will not shed micro plastics when washed. It also does not need to be washed as frequently as other fibres, further reducing water usage and its environmental impact. ⁠

It can biodegrade in both land and water, meaning that when it is thrown away the ground will absorb the amino acids and proteins in the fibres within about 1 year. ⁠

And finally, it's luxuriously soft, smooth, retains its shape impeccably, and can be dyed to a stunning, vibrant range of colours! ⁠

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